坐月新生配套 Postnatal Confinement Care

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方便实用的永安堂 28 天坐月新生配套将产妇身体休养和恢复所需的一切营养都包装组合在一起。另外再搭配充分的休息,你的身体便能迅速恢复到原先的状态。
This conveniently packed Ing Ang Tong 28-day Essential Kit for New Mum has all the necessary nourishment that helps your body recuperate and re-energise over a 28-day period.  Coupled with plenty of rest, your body will revert to its original condition in no time.







产后 28 天都是月子期,妈妈应于此段期间补充大量的营养及多多休息。产妇千万不可轻忽坐月子的重要性,因为月子做得好,身体才能复原得更快更好。

28 天坐月新生配套如何帮助你的身体恢复元气?
方便实用的余仁生 28 天坐月新生配套将产妇身体休养和恢复所需的一切营养都包装组合在一起。另外再搭配充分的休息,你的身体便能迅速恢复到原先的状态。
28 天坐月新生配套将产妇身体休养和恢复所需的一切营养都包装组合在一起。另外再搭配充分的休息,你的身体便能迅速恢复到原先的状态。



It can be quite a feat going through labour and delivery.  Thus a month of rest is usually recommended after childbirth, and for good reasons too.  In the mix of bliss, anxiety and excitement, your body is just beginning to recover from the physical and psychological fatigue from childbearing.

In the normal course of pregnancy after the baby and placenta are delivered, there is a need for the uterus to contract to its normal size, vagina wounds to heal and stretched loose skin, joints and ligaments to return to normal.  Recovery will be faster if proper care is taken.  Rest and recuperate and let your body reset itself for this new phase of life!

What is Postnatal Confinement?
Postnatal confinement is a period of restoration after birth for the New Mum to recuperate and re-energise.  It is a time for the uterus to contract, vagina wounds to heal and stretched loose skin, joints and ligaments to return to normal.

Why is Postnatal Confinement necessary?
Proper care and rest during confinement period form a solid foundation for your future health, whereas the lack of may lead to postnatal conditions which include headaches, arthritis, immune deficiency, chronic fatigue, depression, insomnia or hormonal imbalance.

When is the period for Postnatal Confinement?
The first 28 days after you’ve given birth is the period where a regimen of nutritious meals lots of rest is highly recommended.  This period of restoration is a necessity not to be belittled as recovery will be swift if proper care is taken.

There is a ’28 pack’ soup bag in the traditional moon medicinal soup bag, one pack a day!
In order to keep the freshness of herbs, we only start prepare it after we receive the order. Thus,Kindly order one week in-advance!Thank you

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